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Soft Magic Dice (SMD) is a relatively recent gaming software developer, launching in November 2014. Multiple websites claim SMD was founded in 2012, but the company’s website states they launched in 2014.

The SMD website also states that the company aspires to be among the top three online gaming providers.

As we will discuss later, they are off to a shaky start in achieving this objective because they have been accused of bombarding participants and providing inadequate customer service.

However, does this imply you should avoid their blackjack games?

Let’s find out by examining the general characteristics of SMD blackjack, the games, the locations of their blackjack variations, and other information about Soft Magic Dice.

Aspects General to Soft Magic Dice Blackjack

Rule of 7-Card Charlie

SMD provides three blackjack games for real money, including classic, regal, and blackjack pro.

In terms of regulations, these games appear identical at first glimpse. However, a closer look reveals that royal blackjack has the greatest wagering limits, while both royal and Blackjack Pro feature the 7-card Charlie rule.

This rule guarantees a gain if you are dealt seven cards without going bankrupt. 7-card Charlie is offered by a limited number of software companies, making SMD unique in this regard.

Visual Displays

All of SMD’s blackjack games feature very rudimentary visuals.

Each table is covered in green felt that lacks the sheen of the leading software providers. Compared to the intricate wooden table frameworks we’ve seen in the industry, the black-felt table rim appears ordinary.

The coin stacks at the rear of the table display the finest detail. The card shoe is also attractive, particularly when compared to the table’s other dull features.

Many software companies offer green and blue felt colors to differentiate the appearance of their participants. However, SMD appears identical across all three variants.

Table Format

The lack of sophistication extends beyond the graphics to the table configurations as well.

In the lower left-hand quadrant, you will find token denominations, a betting area, and a sign displaying the minimum and maximum wagers.

While these are the only requirements for playing online blackjack, SMD does not offer any of the extras found on other blackjack tables.

It does not feel like a table in a land-based casino because there are no other sections where other participants would seat.

If all you want to do is play blackjack without worrying about a realistic table, this won’t concern you. However, if you seek realism, this is not the blackjack provider for you.

Music and Sound FX

None of SMD’s blackjack activities are accompanied by music. Each variant, however, features distinct sound effects when a player wins. Examples consist of…

When a hand is won in Blackjack Pro, a chime will play.
During victories in classic blackjack and royal, a bell sounds and a man shouts.
In addition, you will hear cards being flipped and a flicker to signify losses.

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